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Music Video Clips, vBulletin queries, DVD based movie collection, Reverse Australian Phone Book Music Video Clips Music Video Clips, vBulletin queries, DVD based movie collection, Reverse Australian Phone Book

1Mony MonyBilly Idol13 Jun 201025.92 MB
2A Hard Rains A Gonna...Bryan Ferry13 Jun 201020.40 MB
3Jealous GuyRoxy Music13 Jun 201027.07 MB
4Bad RomanceLady Gaga05 Mar 201031.25 MB
5Black BettyRam Jam21 Nov 200914.75 MB
6The Real ThingRussell Morris21 Nov 200927.11 MB
7Darktwon Strutters B...Ted Mulry Gang21 Nov 200920.73 MB
8Cool For CatsUK Squeeze21 Nov 200919.10 MB
9Im Not In Love10CC19 Nov 200922.35 MB
10Flame TreesCold Chisel19 Nov 200926.71 MB

11Mean To MeCrowded House19 Nov 200929.06 MB
12Still In Love With Y...Dragon19 Nov 200920.92 MB
13Electric AvenueEddy Grant19 Nov 200919.92 MB
14Heaven Must Be ThereEurogliders19 Nov 200924.70 MB
15Solid RockGoanna19 Nov 200927.45 MB
16Great Southern LandIcehouse19 Nov 200930.46 MB
17Dont ChangeINXS19 Nov 200927.00 MB
18Pressure DownJohn Farnham19 Nov 200930.51 MB
19Berserk WarriorsMental As Anything19 Nov 200921.58 MB
20Come Said The BoyMondo Rock19 Nov 200927.75 MB

21What About MeMoving Pictures19 Nov 200921.48 MB
22DelilahNorman Gunston19 Nov 200917.19 MB
23Dumb ThingsPaul Kelly and The C...19 Nov 200916.28 MB
24Funky TownPseudo Echo19 Nov 200929.77 MB
25Send Me An AngelReal Life19 Nov 200923.49 MB
26Jessies GirlRick Springfield19 Nov 200919.79 MB
27Mama Weer All Crazee...Slade19 Nov 200912.26 MB
28I Get AroundThe Beach Boys19 Nov 200912.27 MB
29We Can Get TogetherThe Flowers19 Nov 200922.80 MB
30Hes Gonna Step On Yo...The Party Boys19 Nov 200924.11 MB

31Boppin The BluesBlackfeather13 Nov 200918.72 MB
32Ginger ManBrian Cadd13 Nov 200923.94 MB
33Khe SanhCold Chisel13 Nov 200925.07 MB
34Bom BomDaddy Cool13 Nov 200915.13 MB
35Come Back AgainDaddy Cool13 Nov 200936.45 MB
36Eagle RockDaddy Cool13 Nov 200924.43 MB
37FlipDaddy Cool13 Nov 200915.06 MB
38GeeDaddy Cool13 Nov 200914.92 MB
39I Was A Teenage Crea...Daddy Cool13 Nov 200917.93 MB
40Ill Never Smile Agai...Daddy Cool13 Nov 200926.31 MB

41Shake Rattle and Rol...Daddy Cool13 Nov 200928.75 MB
42SunshineDragon13 Nov 200925.62 MB
43I Am WomanHelen Reddy13 Nov 200919.20 MB
44Yellow RiverJigsaw13 Nov 200914.82 MB
45I Love Rock and RollJoan Jett13 Nov 200917.99 MB
46I Hate The MusicJohn Paul Young13 Nov 200922.74 MB
47Rock and Roll All Ni...Kiss13 Nov 200914.91 MB
48Rock and RollLed Zeppelin13 Nov 200919.88 MB
49Knock KnockLiv Mason13 Nov 200914.88 MB
50Last RomanceMark Holden13 Nov 200917.35 MB

51Turn Up Your RadioMasters Apprentices13 Nov 200921.51 MB
52JoleneOlivia Newton John13 Nov 200918.38 MB
53I Go To RioPeter Allen13 Nov 200918.22 MB
54SmileyRonnie Burns13 Nov 200921.04 MB
55Free The PeopleSherbet13 Nov 200938.86 MB
56Living In The 70sSkyhooks13 Nov 200922.66 MB
57You Just Like Me Cos...Skyhooks13 Nov 200923.53 MB
58RebeccaTaste13 Nov 200920.88 MB
59Falling In Love Agai...Ted Mulry13 Nov 200917.98 MB
60JuliaTed Mulry13 Nov 200914.24 MB

61Am I Ever Gonna See ...The Angels13 Nov 200919.88 MB
62In The SummertimeThe Mixtures13 Nov 200916.92 MB
63Its Only Rock and Ro...The Rolling Stones13 Nov 200929.33 MB
64Who Listens To The R...The Sports13 Nov 200920.38 MB
65My Little AngelWilliam Shakespeare13 Nov 200920.86 MB
66Eleanor RigbyZoot13 Nov 200928.30 MB
67Stop The RockApollo 44022 Aug 200923.56 MB
68Swamp ThingThe Grid22 Aug 200924.10 MB
69Romeo and JulietDire Straits25 Jul 200935.53 MB
70Born In The USABruce Springsteen04 Jul 200928.09 MB

71Hungry HeartBruce Springsteen04 Jul 200923.17 MB
72Gonna Make You SweatC and C Music Factor...13 Jun 200925.17 MB
73Black KnightDeep Purple07 Jun 200920.07 MB
74Right Here Right NowFatboy Slim07 Jun 200922.06 MB
75Baby Did A Bad Bad T...Chris Isaak30 May 200917.41 MB
76CarsFear Factory with Ga...30 May 200920.18 MB
77We Are GlassGary Numan30 May 200928.69 MB
78WonderwallOasis30 May 200927.06 MB
79Blue MondayOrgy30 May 200926.99 MB
80Life On MarsDavid Bowie24 May 200923.90 MB

81April Sun In CubaDragon24 May 200920.86 MB
82Ego Is Not A Dirty W...Skyhooks24 May 200918.18 MB
83One Step AheadSplit Enz24 May 200916.74 MB
84Our Lips Are SealedThe Go Gos24 May 200916.70 MB
85Money HoneyBay City Rollers16 May 200918.28 MB
86Material GirlMadonna16 May 200928.52 MB
87Million Dollar RiffSkyhooks16 May 200923.04 MB
88Ill Be GoneSpectrum16 May 200920.40 MB
89Why Dont You Get A J...The Offspring16 May 200919.63 MB
90MoneyThe Stranglers16 May 200920.56 MB

91Goody Two ShoesAdam Ant26 Apr 200920.28 MB
92VenusBananarama26 Apr 200945.16 MB
93Living On The Ceilin...Blancmange26 Apr 200922.04 MB
94Love Plus OneHaircut 10026 Apr 200920.37 MB
95Lucky NumberLene Lovich26 Apr 200917.06 MB
96I Love You SuzanneLou Reed26 Apr 200923.74 MB
97Concrete and ClayMartin Plaza26 Apr 200917.88 MB
98WordsMissing Persons26 Apr 200926.68 MB
99Stutter RapMorris Minor and The...26 Apr 200923.20 MB
100Addicted To BassPuretone26 Apr 200924.59 MB

101Shiny Happy PeopleREM26 Apr 200923.61 MB
102AbracadabraSteve Miller Band26 Apr 200922.20 MB
103LouiseJona Lewie07 Mar 200924.40 MB
104Blister In The SunThe Violent Femmes28 Feb 200920.80 MB
105NumbU228 Feb 200926.36 MB
106Bad Moon RisingThe Reels31 Jan 200922.50 MB
107Turn Up Your Radio r...Masters Apprentices24 Jan 200921.51 MB
108Women In UniformSkyhooks24 Jan 200925.55 MB
109Come And See HerThe Easybeats24 Jan 200916.15 MB
110Bye Bye BabyBay City Rollers22 Jan 200915.17 MB

111Jazzing For Blue Jea...David Bowie22 Jan 200920.44 MB
112Wild Is The WindDavid Bowie22 Jan 200921.50 MB
113Chain ReactionDiana Ross22 Jan 200923.30 MB
114She Works Hard For T...Donna Summer22 Jan 200924.23 MB
115I Wanna Be StraightIan Dury22 Jan 200920.03 MB
116Shaddup Your FaceJoe Dolce22 Jan 200919.28 MB
117Pop MuzikM22 Jan 200919.37 MB
118Safety DanceMen Without Hats22 Jan 200916.73 MB
119Horror MovieSkyhooks22 Jan 200921.22 MB
120I Got YouSplit Enz22 Jan 200921.01 MB

121Shake It UpThe Cars22 Jan 200921.53 MB
122Boys In TownThe Divinyls22 Jan 200916.81 MB
123I Touch MyselfThe Divinyls22 Jan 200922.50 MB
124In My LifeThe Divinyls22 Jan 200922.87 MB
125Pleasure and PainThe Divinyls22 Jan 200923.05 MB
126Science FictionThe Divinyls22 Jan 200919.88 MB
127Dont Stand So Close ...The Police22 Jan 200922.66 MB
128Back On The Chain Ga...The Pretenders22 Jan 200922.79 MB
129Message Of LoveThe Pretenders22 Jan 200920.76 MB
130Middle Of The RoadThe Pretenders22 Jan 200925.33 MB

131Talk Of The TownThe Pretenders22 Jan 200919.49 MB
132Ill Stand By YouThe Pretenderss22 Jan 200924.10 MB
133YMCAThe Village People22 Jan 200923.28 MB
134Beautiful PeopleAustralian Crawl04 Jan 200917.80 MB
135ErrolAustralian Crawl04 Jan 200921.32 MB
136RecklessAustralian Crawl04 Jan 200932.35 MB
137SacrificeElton John04 Jan 200928.61 MB
138Your SongElton John04 Jan 200925.26 MB
139If You Leave Me Can ...Mental As Anything04 Jan 200919.36 MB
140Romeo and JulietMental As Anything04 Jan 200913.60 MB

141Working For The ManMental As Anything04 Jan 200921.20 MB
142Bette Davis EyesKim Carnes29 Nov 200822.37 MB
143Mad WorldTears For Fears29 Nov 200821.69 MB
144Slice Of HeavenDave Dobbyn23 Nov 200825.11 MB
145She Drives Me CrazyFine Young Cannibals23 Nov 200821.95 MB
146Accidently Kelly Str...Frente23 Nov 200820.35 MB
147Dont Bring Me DownELO15 Nov 200825.02 MB
148RosannaToto15 Nov 200833.39 MB
149Young TurksRod Stewart07 Nov 200826.78 MB
150Ill Make You HappyThe Easybeats07 Nov 200819.02 MB

151Ullo John Got A New ...Alexei Sayle14 Sep 200821.22 MB
152In The FleshBlondie14 Sep 200814.30 MB
153CenterfoldJ Geils Band14 Sep 200822.03 MB
154I Want Your LoveTransvision Vamp14 Sep 200820.05 MB
155Cotton Eye JoeRednex31 Aug 200819.68 MB
156SatisfactionThe Rolling Stones31 Aug 200819.31 MB
157Dream PoliceCheap Trick24 Aug 200828.10 MB
158Love Is Like OxygeneThe Sweet24 Aug 200822.24 MB
159Its Only The Beginni...Deborah Conway16 Aug 200828.57 MB
160MoskauDschinghis Khan16 Aug 200827.55 MB

161Im An IndividualJacko16 Aug 200815.93 MB
162CenterfieldJohn Fogerty16 Aug 200823.54 MB
163PhysicalOliva Newton John16 Aug 200822.72 MB
164GymnasiumStephen Cummings16 Aug 200829.62 MB
165Up There CazalyThe Two Man Band16 Aug 200816.53 MB
166All That She WantsAce of Base27 Jul 200821.40 MB
167Things That Make You...C C Music Factory27 Jul 200830.64 MB
168I See RedSplit Enz27 Jul 200819.94 MB
169Toe JamThe BPA27 Jul 200820.39 MB
170Der KommissarFalco20 Jul 200822.75 MB

171Johnny Come HomeFine Young Cannibals20 Jul 200821.18 MB
172Beat The ClockSparks20 Jul 200823.21 MB
173Twist a Saint TropezTelex20 Jul 200820.22 MB
174Are Friends ElectricTubeway Army20 Jul 200822.12 MB
175Come Back JoneeDEVO22 Jun 200821.01 MB
176Here To GoDEVO22 Jun 200833.99 MB
177Peek A BooDEVO22 Jun 200818.41 MB
178Perfect DayFischer Z08 Jun 200826.16 MB
179Single BedFox08 Jun 200811.24 MB
180Father and SonCat Stevens01 Jun 200821.65 MB

181Here Is The NewsELO01 Jun 200822.98 MB
182Equinoxe VJean Michel Jarre01 Jun 200822.53 MB
183Duck For The OysterMalcolm McLaren01 Jun 200819.01 MB
184Johnny And MaryRobert Palmer01 Jun 200822.65 MB
185Walk Of LifeDire Straits23 Mar 200823.99 MB
186Radio Ga GaQueen23 Mar 200834.13 MB
187Sharp Dressed ManZZ Top23 Mar 200825.84 MB
188You Spin Me Round2Dead Or Alive09 Mar 200822.90 MB
189Looking For CluesRobert Palmer09 Mar 200822.37 MB
190Hey YaOutkast23 Feb 200825.30 MB

191Pretty Fly (For a Wh...The Offspring23 Feb 200816.01 MB
192Stand and DeliverAdam and The Ants17 Feb 200815.34 MB
193Youll Always Find Me...Jona Lewie17 Feb 200813.92 MB
194AngelsLene Lovich17 Feb 200815.39 MB
195Who Can It Be NowMen At Work17 Feb 200816.87 MB
196ViennaUltravox17 Feb 200824.97 MB
197Singing In The 80sThe Monitors05 Jan 200815.67 MB
198You Spin Me RoundDead Or Alive14 Oct 200715.77 MB
199Baby Please Dont GoACDC04 Aug 200719.41 MB
200ListeningPseudo Echo04 Aug 200714.65 MB

201Till I ComeATB31 Jul 200715.68 MB
202DoodahCartoons31 Jul 200716.93 MB
203Witch DoctorCartoons31 Jul 200715.54 MB
204Denis DenisBlondie28 Jul 200711.31 MB
205Jean GeanieDavid Bowie28 Jul 200720.34 MB
206Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet14 Jul 20077.17 MB
207High Voltage Rock N ...ACDC02 Jul 200721.57 MB
208TuskFleetwood Mac02 Jul 200716.02 MB
209Hot LegsRod Stewart02 Jul 200721.94 MB
210Love Her MadlyThe Doors02 Jul 200716.19 MB

211White WeddingBilly Idol10 Jun 200717.00 MB
212Daddy CoolBony M09 Jun 200717.25 MB
213Memphis TennesseeSilicon Teens09 Jun 200711.83 MB
214SlashdotdashFatboy Slim01 Jun 200712.13 MB
215Evie (Parts 1 2 3)Stevie Wright01 Jun 200763.05 MB
216Friday On My MindThe Easybeats01 Jun 200713.53 MB
217Song 2Blur06 May 20079.94 MB
218UnbelievableEMF06 May 200717.46 MB
219Manic MondayThe Bangles06 May 200715.29 MB
220Sweet DreamsThe Eurythmics06 May 200716.32 MB

221What I Like About Yo...The Romantics31 Mar 200714.12 MB
222Rock This PartyBob Sinclar12 Jan 200718.13 MB
223The Goonies R Good E...Cyndi Lauper06 Jan 200725.94 MB
224Come On EileenDexys Midnight Runne...06 Jan 200718.95 MB
225Call On MeEric Prydz06 Jan 200714.37 MB
226MickyToni Basil06 Jan 200717.92 MB
227Money MoneyThe Flying Lizards03 Dec 200612.34 MB
228AutobahKraftwerk26 Nov 200642.47 MB
229Joko HomoDEVO07 Oct 200619.80 MB
230The Rockerfeller Ska...Fatboy Slim07 Oct 200619.64 MB

231Baby Its YouPromises07 Oct 200618.65 MB
232Cherry BombThe Runaways07 Oct 200611.60 MB
233The Day My Baby Gave...DEVO01 Oct 200612.86 MB
234Virginia PlainRoxy Music09 Sep 200614.72 MB
235Ma Na Ma NaThe Muppets09 Sep 200611.44 MB
236Who Are YouThe Who09 Sep 200624.40 MB
237Beautiful WorldDEVO03 Sep 200617.27 MB
238American PieDon McLean03 Sep 200643.71 MB
239RelaxFrankie Goes To Holl...03 Sep 200621.67 MB
240Lets Stick TogetherBryan Ferry20 Aug 200614.69 MB

241Get Down and Get Wit...Slade20 Aug 200620.83 MB
242China GirlDavid Bowie05 Aug 200620.96 MB
243Handle Me With CareTraveling Wilburys29 Jul 200616.17 MB
244MoneyPink Floyd16 Jul 200623.62 MB
245You Really Got MeThe Kinks16 Jul 200611.13 MB
246Im Gonna Be (500 Mil...The Proclaimers16 Jul 200617.86 MB
247Common PeoplePulp09 Jul 200620.45 MB
248Whats Up4 Non Blondes18 Jun 200624.41 MB
249Lets DanceDavid Bowie18 Jun 200620.04 MB
250We Built This CityStarship18 Jun 200624.50 MB

251JumpVan Halen18 Jun 200619.29 MB
252LegsZZ Top18 Jun 200624.45 MB
253Wicked GameChris Isaak11 Jun 200618.84 MB
254Sultans Of SwingDire Straits11 Jun 200621.89 MB
255Call Me AlPaul Simon11 Jun 200622.86 MB
256Take A Chance On MeABBA04 Jun 200619.71 MB
257Janies Got A GunAerosmith04 Jun 200625.40 MB
258Smoke On The WaterDeep Purple04 Jun 200631.50 MB
259The Final CountdownEurope04 Jun 200624.38 MB
260Pretty Woman (EP)Roy Orbison04 Jun 200633.21 MB

261ScatmanScatman John04 Jun 200616.68 MB
262Tainted LoveSoft Cell04 Jun 200613.36 MB
263Chariots Of FireVangelis04 Jun 200616.00 MB
264Get Ready For This2 Unlimited03 Jun 200614.30 MB
265Maximum Overdrive2 Unlimited03 Jun 200617.07 MB
266No Limits2 Unlimited03 Jun 200618.58 MB
267Twilight Zone2 Unlimited03 Jun 200615.63 MB
268Gimme Gimme GimmeABBA03 Jun 200616.42 MB
269Mamma MiaABBA03 Jun 200617.64 MB
270Ring RingABBA03 Jun 200615.38 MB

271SatisfactionBenny Benassi27 May 200612.13 MB
272RaptureBlondie27 May 200623.88 MB
273I Want CandyBow Wow Wow27 May 200613.27 MB
274Hungry Like The WolfDuran Duran27 May 200617.56 MB
275BabooshkaKate Bush27 May 200616.63 MB
276Walk Like An Egyptia...The Bangles27 May 200616.85 MB
277Girls TalkDave Edmunds21 May 200617.31 MB
278Cinnamon GirlNeil Young21 May 200622.40 MB
279Watching YouRogue Traders21 May 200617.40 MB
280Flowers In The RainThe Move21 May 200610.77 MB

281Evie (Part 1)The Wrights21 May 200620.04 MB
282Dirty Deeds Done Dir...You Am I21 May 200619.01 MB
283Barbie GirlAqua19 May 200616.81 MB
284Dr JonesAqua19 May 200616.88 MB
285LollipopAqua19 May 200618.24 MB
286My Oh MyAqua19 May 200616.49 MB
287Roses Are RedAqua19 May 200619.27 MB
288TubthumpingChumbawamba17 May 200624.63 MB
289Cant Get You Out Of ...Kylie Minogue17 May 200618.95 MB
290The LookRoxette17 May 200619.39 MB

291Classical GasVanessa Mae17 May 200615.97 MB
292SatisfactionDEVO14 May 200613.30 MB
293RadioactivityKraftwerk14 May 200617.78 MB
294Telephone CallKraftwerk14 May 200619.05 MB
295The ModelKraftwerk14 May 200616.84 MB
296Wild Wild LifeTalking Heads14 May 200618.26 MB
297AtomicBlondie13 May 200622.21 MB
298Are You ExperiencedDEVO13 May 200617.26 MB
299Pocket CalculatorKraftwerk13 May 200619.23 MB
300Grease MegamixOlivia and John13 May 200624.02 MB

301Cant Stand Losing Yo...The Police11 May 200614.98 MB
302Dear GodXTC11 May 200617.95 MB
303Dog Eat DogACDC07 May 200616.39 MB
304Red House (live)Jimi Hendrix07 May 200626.89 MB
305SleeplessKing Crimson07 May 200617.43 MB
306AerodynamikKraftwerk07 May 200618.42 MB
307Purple Haze (live)Jimi Hendrix06 May 200622.38 MB
308Games Without Fronti...Peter Gabriel06 May 200618.31 MB
309AmerikaRammstein06 May 200621.48 MB
310Pretty VacantSex Pistols06 May 200616.23 MB

311Prince CharmingAdam and The Ants03 May 200610.76 MB
312Girls On FilmDuran Duran03 May 200619.98 MB
313Bad MedicineBon Jovi30 Apr 200621.47 MB
314Time After TimeCyndi Lauper30 Apr 200624.74 MB
315Beat ItMichael Jackson30 Apr 200624.47 MB
316Love Is A Battlefiel...Pat Benatar30 Apr 200626.50 MB
317Cum On Feel The Noiz...Quiet Riot30 Apr 200623.71 MB
318Losing My ReligionREM30 Apr 200623.07 MB
319Time WarpRocky Horror Picture...30 Apr 200620.35 MB
320Stray Cat StrutStray Cats30 Apr 200616.13 MB

321She Blinded Me With ...Thomas Dolby30 Apr 200618.97 MB
322Owner Of A Lonely He...Yes30 Apr 200634.29 MB
323Another Brick In The...Pink Floyd29 Apr 200616.33 MB
324Living DollCliff Richard with T...23 Apr 200622.03 MB
325HurtJohnny Cash23 Apr 200618.99 MB
326Our HouseMadness23 Apr 200616.84 MB
327DownunderMen At Work23 Apr 200617.57 MB
328HurtNine Inch Nails23 Apr 200624.96 MB
329The Kids Are AlrightThe Who23 Apr 200615.10 MB
330Fade To GreyVisage23 Apr 200618.33 MB

331The ReflexDuran Duran22 Apr 200622.21 MB
332Praise YouFatboy Slim22 Apr 200628.65 MB
333CloudbustingKate Bush22 Apr 200634.50 MB
334FatWeird Al Yankovic22 Apr 200624.38 MB
335ConceivedBeth Orton21 Apr 200616.88 MB
336La Grange (Jay Leno ...ZZ Top16 Apr 200621.89 MB
337Smooth CriminalMichael Jackson08 Apr 200620.69 MB
338I Like To Move ItReal To Reel02 Apr 200619.29 MB
339Close To MeThe Cure02 Apr 200618.14 MB
340Rivers Of BabylonBony M26 Mar 200618.39 MB

341Small Town BoyBronski Beat26 Mar 200624.71 MB
342ZoolookoologieJean Michel Jarre26 Mar 200618.58 MB
343Oh SupermanLaurie Anderson26 Mar 200630.50 MB
344SatisfactionOtis Redding26 Mar 200614.11 MB
345Under PressureQueen with David Bow...26 Mar 200619.19 MB
346Hold On I'm Comin'Sam and Dave26 Mar 200621.25 MB
347Jealous GuyJohn Lennon11 Mar 200621.66 MB
348VenusShocking Blue11 Mar 200614.98 MB
349Once In A LifetimeTalking Heads11 Mar 200616.98 MB
350Rock LobsterThe B 52s11 Mar 200624.58 MB

351ThunderstruckACDC26 Feb 200624.38 MB
352Wired For SoundCliff Richard26 Feb 200618.24 MB
353Through Being CoolDEVO26 Feb 200615.84 MB
354Baggy TrousersMadness26 Feb 200612.48 MB
355Echo BeachMartha and The Muffi...26 Feb 200616.55 MB
356ThrillerMichael Jackson26 Feb 200666.58 MB
357SuperfreakRick James26 Feb 200616.69 MB
358Push ItSalt N Pepa26 Feb 200622.59 MB
359HowzatSherbet26 Feb 200618.48 MB
360Rock The CasbahThe Clash26 Feb 200618.24 MB

361Turning JapaneseThe Vapors26 Feb 200618.70 MB
362Oh YeahYello26 Feb 200615.23 MB
363Take On MeA Ha17 Feb 200618.58 MB
364It's A Long Way To T...ACDC17 Feb 200625.68 MB
365JailbreakACDC17 Feb 200621.75 MB
366Whole Lotta RosieACDC17 Feb 200622.76 MB
367Kelly Watch The Star...Air17 Feb 200618.19 MB
368Lost In SpaceApollo 44017 Feb 200614.37 MB
369ParanoidBlack Sabbath17 Feb 200613.85 MB
370Tide Is HighBlondie17 Feb 200618.99 MB

371Sharp Dressed ManBrad Paisley with ZZ...17 Feb 200618.58 MB
372PopcornCrazy Frog17 Feb 200613.85 MB
373Looking Out My Backd...Creedence Clearwater...17 Feb 200612.34 MB
374SorrowDavid Bowie17 Feb 200614.36 MB
375Space OddityDavid Bowie17 Feb 200623.89 MB
376Just CantDepeche Mode17 Feb 200618.09 MB
377Whip ItDEVO17 Feb 200613.15 MB
378Money For NothingDire Straits17 Feb 200621.90 MB
379Hold On TightELO17 Feb 200614.78 MB
380Pump It UpElvis Costello17 Feb 200615.89 MB

381Hound DogElvis Presley17 Feb 20068.30 MB
382Orinoco FlowEnya17 Feb 200618.52 MB
383Weapon_Of_ChoiceFatboy Slim17 Feb 200618.84 MB
384Suspicious MindsFine Young Cannibals17 Feb 200619.60 MB
385Rock ItHerbie Hancock17 Feb 200616.75 MB
386NittyHey Bitty17 Feb 200614.36 MB
387Need You TonightINXS17 Feb 200628.27 MB
388Orange Blossom Speci...Johnny Cash17 Feb 200612.77 MB
389Rustry CageJohnny Cash17 Feb 200613.91 MB
390Screaming JetsJohnny Warman17 Feb 200619.70 MB

391Love Will Tear Us Ap...Joy Division17 Feb 200616.99 MB
392I Was Made For Lovin...Kiss17 Feb 200619.84 MB
393The RobotsKraftwerk17 Feb 200618.32 MB
394SledgehammerPeter Gabriel17 Feb 200624.43 MB
395Together In Electric...Phil Oakey17 Feb 200619.11 MB
396Space InvadersPlayer One17 Feb 200614.04 MB
397Theme From S ExpressS Express17 Feb 200618.87 MB
398Whenever WhereverShakira17 Feb 200615.95 MB
399Summer LoveSherbet17 Feb 200615.32 MB
400The Majesty Of RockSpinal Tap17 Feb 200619.39 MB

401ShoutTears For Fears17 Feb 200629.55 MB
402Jump In My CarTel Mulry Gang17 Feb 200614.69 MB
403I Am The WalrusThe Beatles17 Feb 200622.40 MB
404Run To MeThe Bee Gees17 Feb 200614.50 MB
405Stayin AliveThe Bee Gees17 Feb 200619.84 MB
406Video KilledThe Buggles17 Feb 200617.02 MB
407Just What I NeededThe Cars17 Feb 200616.48 MB
408Lets GoThe Cars17 Feb 200617.96 MB
409Only LonelyThe Divinyls17 Feb 200615.79 MB
410Star TrekkinThe Firm17 Feb 200616.49 MB

411My SharonaThe Knack17 Feb 200619.62 MB
412Walking On The MoonThe Police17 Feb 200622.41 MB
413StrandedThe Saints17 Feb 200617.83 MB
414Won't Get Fooled Aga...The Who17 Feb 200643.92 MB
415If I Only KnewTom Jones17 Feb 200619.98 MB
416RoseannaToto17 Feb 200627.34 MB
417PanamaVan Halen17 Feb 200618.42 MB
418Pretty Fly (For A Ra...Weird Al Yankovic17 Feb 200615.21 MB
419Senses Working Overt...XTC17 Feb 200622.70 MB
420Dirty Deeds Done Dir...ACDC16 Feb 200620.91 MB

421Ant MusicAdam and The Ants16 Feb 200617.60 MB
422AustralianaAusten Tayshus16 Feb 200621.62 MB
423Fight For Your RightBeastie Boys16 Feb 200619.83 MB
424Hanging on the Telep...Blondie16 Feb 200611.35 MB
425Heart of GlassBlondie16 Feb 200617.68 MB
426Dancing In The DarkBruce Springsteen16 Feb 200619.69 MB
427Glory DaysBruce Springsteen16 Feb 200628.56 MB
428Axel FCrazy Frog16 Feb 200614.31 MB
429Ashes to AshesDavid Bowie16 Feb 200619.18 MB
430Boys Keep SwingingDavid Bowie16 Feb 200616.15 MB

431FashionDavid Bowie16 Feb 200616.95 MB
432AssholeDenis Leary16 Feb 200622.67 MB
433Dr DetroitDEVO16 Feb 200615.43 MB
434Freedom_Of_ChoiceDEVO16 Feb 200616.41 MB
435Girl U WantDEVO16 Feb 200614.59 MB
436CarsGary Numan16 Feb 200619.05 MB
437Hit MeIan Dury16 Feb 200618.47 MB
438Can You Feel ItJackson 516 Feb 200616.34 MB
439Buffalo GirlsMalcolm McLaren16 Feb 200618.40 MB
440Billie JeanMichael Jackson16 Feb 200624.45 MB

441Beds Are BurningMidnight Oil16 Feb 200623.08 MB
442Blue MondayNew Order16 Feb 200618.59 MB
443DoctorOrbital16 Feb 200626.52 MB
444Flash GordonQueen16 Feb 200613.33 MB
445Black BettySpiderbait16 Feb 200617.33 MB
446History Never Repeat...Split Enz16 Feb 200614.62 MB
447Get It OnT Rex16 Feb 200621.79 MB
448Back In The USSRThe Beatles16 Feb 200612.37 MB
449Da Doo Ron RonThe Crystals16 Feb 200610.15 MB
450Golden BrownThe Stranglers16 Feb 200616.78 MB

451Alone With YouThe Sunnyboys16 Feb 200619.16 MB
452Counting The BeatThe Swingers16 Feb 200614.89 MB
453Doctorin The TARDISThe Timelords16 Feb 200611.70 MB
454Bittersweet SymphonyThe Verve16 Feb 200623.03 MB
455Everything About YouUgly Kid Joe16 Feb 200620.40 MB
456Eat ItWeird Al Yankovic16 Feb 200617.31 MB



Most of these music video clips were recorded from a digital transmission broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation show, Rage, then reduced down in size to WMV format.

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